The Numbers: 2013

This is my third year of doing this post, and it’s helpful for me to assess where I need to go next. Here are the numbers (in descending order): 110 submissions sent ~  65 for poetry, 26 for creative nonfiction, 12 for my manuscript Swallow Tongue, 6 for fiction, and 1 for my chapbook Philomela. 108 electronic, 2… More The Numbers: 2013

Drafting: “in dreams our fathers leave no footsteps”

While I was going through my po friend’s manuscript this weekend, I came across the line, “In dreams we leave no evidence.” It’s a fantastic line, and I knew I wanted to shape it into something. I put it as the first line and then returned to Rochelle Hurt’s poem “Infants of the Field.” There… More Drafting: “in dreams our fathers leave no footsteps”

Drafting: “Scylla”

Since I last wrote a poem about Charybdis, it seemed fitting to try to write about her counterpart: Scylla. Less is known about Scylla, but the story I like the most for is she had piqued the fancy of Glaucus, a sea-god. Unfortunately for her, Circe (known also from The Odyssey), a sorceress, also loved Glaucus.… More Drafting: “Scylla”