Writing Happies

New poem up at Cider Press Review here. ~ My full-length collection, Swallow, was most recently a finalist for the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry First Book Award. Finalist means it got into the hands of the judges, which means it was actually close to winning. Endgame is always get that book into the hands of the judges. So… More Writing Happies


Someone asked me a while back to write something about the Sewanee Writers’ Conference I attended in July of this year. It’s been hard for me to put into words a response to that, but I might have one now. Every morning, I walked half a mile to the inn to eat breakfast with writers (fiction and… More Post-Sewanee

Where I’ll Be: Mid-South Book Fest Reading Tent & Student Writer Workshop

Come check out me and any of the other fabulous writers who will be reading at the Reading Tent set up on Cooper Ave. for the Mid-South Book Festival. 9:30am – Elaine Scudder-Walters 10:00am – Lonette Robertson 10:25am – Betsy Phillips 10:50am – Harrison Scott Key 11:15am – Sandy Longhorn 11:40am- Eric McQuade 12:05pm – Courtney… More Where I’ll Be: Mid-South Book Fest Reading Tent & Student Writer Workshop


Chapbooks can make themes or images seem claustrophobic. There’s little room to get out. It is good, then, to have something that sucks our breath out and drives us for air once we’re done gasping along the pages. Check out the rest of this interview on my chapbook, Philomela, up at Speaking of Marvels!

Heading off to Sewanee Writers’ Conference!

After some wonderful folks donated and a manuscript editing job came in for the exact amount I needed to cover the rest, all of the stars have aligned to make attending the 2015 Sewanee Writers’ Conference a possibility. I head down tomorrow morning as a Tennessee Williams Scholar. WOO HOO! I’m super excited to spend 12… More Heading off to Sewanee Writers’ Conference!

Submit like a Man

After reading this post a long while ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own submission habits and how they have developed. I used to be a diehard submitter. I submitted pretty much as soon as I had new work, and since I was in graduate school, I was generating new work all the… More Submit like a Man