Heading off to Sewanee Writers’ Conference!

After some wonderful folks donated and a manuscript editing job came in for the exact amount I needed to cover the rest, all of the stars have aligned to make attending the 2015 Sewanee Writers’ Conference a possibility. I head down tomorrow morning as a Tennessee Williams Scholar. WOO HOO! I’m super excited to spend 12… More Heading off to Sewanee Writers’ Conference!

Submit like a Man

After reading this post a long while ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own submission habits and how they have developed. I used to be a diehard submitter. I submitted pretty much as soon as I had new work, and since I was in graduate school, I was generating new work all the… More Submit like a Man

Process: The pantoum

As of late, I’ve gotten super into pantoums. The pantoum is a poem of any length composed of four-line stanzas where in each stanza, the second and fourth lines serve as the first and third lines of the next stanza. I’ve been using four line stanzas using the repeating pattern ABCD BEDF EGFH GCHA (or GAHC). I’m a… More Process: The pantoum

Send This Little Poet To The Sewanee Writers’ Conference!!

Remember that time when you sold wallpaper or lemonade or that awful boy scout popcorn in the hopes of greasing your fiscal wheels or at least coming away with bragging rights and a stellar CD player? We all did that when we were too young to get jobs. We sold things. We wheedled our parents.… More Send This Little Poet To The Sewanee Writers’ Conference!!